Burning the scorched wick…

Hey all,

I’ve decided that “burning the candle at both ends” doesn’t quite describe my current situation. The candle is long since spent. The only thing left is the little black piece of thread that once held the wax together. That is all that remains burning.

I worked a gruelling 13 hour day yesterday that ended at 4am. I got home at 5am. I have to be on set for CENTRE CIRCLE at 8am, which means catching a bus at 7am, which means that since it’s now 630am, I’m almost running late. I calculate that before I sleep, I’ll have been up 39 hours straight! Sweet, eh?

Today we shoot at the courthouse. This should be fun. After the courthouse, we’re going to Shearwater to shoot the outdoor arena scene. After that, I’m going back to work at the Oasis where I will have the privilege of closing all over again. Don’t worry, Halifax… I’m not complaining. If I didn’t love making movies and working at the Oasis, I’d just cut one. This is not a complaint. Just an update.

As previously mentioned, however, I’ve got to go. Busses to catch, movies to make, beers to push onto others.