Filming done… bring on the music!

With the shooting of the short film Centre Circle almost done (a few loose ends need wrapping up), I’m glad to have the Open Mic @ The Oasis event to fall into. Last week’s failed launch aside, I think the Open Mic will be a great thing for myself, for the Oasis, and for the students of DAL and SMU who may be looking for places to showcase their talent.

Want to perform, yourself? It’s every Tuesday at 9pm. Oh, and they’ve just launched 5$ appetizers on Tuesday nights. Any app on the menu (except the team platters) is only 5$ plus tax. Need more incentive? How about 10$ pitchers? Tons of reasons to stop by on Tuesdays.

Now that I’m done plugging the bar and my Open Mic show, I’m going to go have a nap. I’m sick and tired. Actually sick, and really quite tired. So if you don’t mind… my cat is saving my seat on the couch. Yeah, we nap together.