My Answer: Prison sex — not just for inmates.

Question: What are your thoughts on sexual relations between prison guards and their inmates? – asked by russellisgone

Answer: First off, I’d like to say how absolutely random I think this question is. Can’t say I really get why this question was asked to ME, but I’ll answer the best way I can.

So, for starters… there are legal restrictions on this. A guard having sex with an inmate is straight up illegal. There’s a breach of trust and several other legal issues with this. Guards are there to UPHOLD the standard of the law. For a guard to engage in sexual activity with any inmate means he is breaking laws from the same book that he’s trying to punish the inmates for having broken. So from a legal point of view, it’s wrong.

Ignoring the legal aspect, the guard is engaging in this activity as payment for something. Man or woman, homo or hetero, the sex between a guard and an inmate will almost always be a way for the inmate (or maybe even the guard) to get something from the other. This is either blackmail or prostitution, and ethically is wrong. I think it’s gross. I think sex between two consenting adults is fine, but in this situation, you can’t say that both are making an open choice. Their decision may be based on trade or fear of punishment. This is not right.

In conclusion I don’t think it’s right OR ethical. So there.


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