Open Mic Time Slot Change

Hey all!

First off thanks to all those that came out to the Open Mic Tuesday last night. It was a good time, eventually! Everyone showed up late. The trend in later arrivals by musicians is fine, but to accommodate them, things need to change.

Based on the fact that from 9pm to 10pm, we (the Oasis) receive nearly no visitors for Open Mic, we’re going to change the time slot. Instead of the established 9pm to midnight, we’ll be running 10pm to 1am. This should move us into a better place for the crowd we seem to be drawing.

Open Mic is an organic thing, and we will all grow together. Be you a musician or spectator, we will always be looking at ways to change for the better so we can better serve you.

Have any suggestions? Please feel free to comment here or email me.

Thanks again, everyone!