My Answer: 3D Miracles

I came across your post regarding your sister’s 3D Ultrasound. Am I mistaken, or did you actually enjoy watching the ultrasound? For your first post you seemed very skeptical and complacent about the whole thing, but your updated post showed much more emotion and it seemed as though you really enjoyed yourself. One final thing…how about a shout out to Kathy (your Sonographer) at 3D Miracles since you’ve posted the web address to my competitor 😦 There is a difference in the two companies. As the original 3D clinic in NS, we’ve been around for 4 years and never made a mistake revealing the gender in over 8000 clients.

Jim Bethune
Owner [3D Miracles]


Also, I didn’t mention it in the video, but over 8000 clients and no mistakes is pretty damn impressive. Keep it up! And the PROPER url is so I’m sorry for having posted your competition’s url previously!