New things…

Tonight I was involved in a pilot taping of a new panel talk show called “Word of Mouth”. It’s new (for me and just new in general) and going to be tons of fun… if it is at all successful. I got to work with Kyle Hickey and Amber Dunn (formerly of Pudding Room), as well as Tyler Burns (Offset TV), Megan Edwards (Z103), and Sarah McCarthy. It was great to work with them all.

In music news, I’m looking at the possibility of forming an acoustic duo. My new potential partner, Ben Mahony has played the Yukon Territory and has some great original tunes. We’re going to sit and mess around with the possibility of playing some shows here in Halifax. More on that as it develops.

Until next time, I’m happy to say I’m back.


3 thoughts on “New things…

  1. sounds like some cool stuff.. as for the music duo, love the idea. u know ur sister has written a lyric or two.. 🙂

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