My Answer: The one that got away…


who is ‘the one that got away’ for you?


First off, I’d like to apologize for the delay in answering this question. It was asked 4 weeks ago, so to the asker, I say sorry.

Now, this is really a very personal question. I’m going to avoid using names and place a few guidelines out first.

To begin with I’m going to exclude the most recent relationship. It’s length and level of seriousness means that it’s still sitting pretty close and I’m not really interested in opening that up. Also, realize that I’m not interested in pursuing a relationship with this person… just answering a question.

The one that ‘got away’ was a girl I was with in High School. We dated for only 7 months or so, but at the time, it felt like such a long time. I really loved her (or as far as my understanding of ‘love’ was at the time, I did). She was pretty, smart, artistic, and super talented with her drawings. For some reason she really liked me back.

Unfortunately, at the time I happened to be a 17 year old boy with hormones on crack. There were other girls that liked me, and I thought there were a few I liked as well. I figured ‘if I have these feelings for other girls, how can I really love my girlfriend?’ Too stupid to realize the hormones were just screwing with me, I broke up with this girl. I was young and foolish, and it cost me a great girl.

All that said, I’m not moving toward or even entertaining the though of chasing that girl now, but I do sometimes (but very rarely) wonder how things might have been different if I hadn’t been a stupid hormone-led 17 year old, and had worked through those feelings of doubt and confusion.

Hope that gives you the answer you were looking for, asker.