My Answer: Funny business.


Hey I was checking out your ‘About me’ Section and it looks like your really talented in a lot of field.. some of us aren’t so lucky. One thing I’d like to ask you though is about your comedy acts.. I’d like to be a bit more funnier in my life and I’m not sure if great, spontanious humor is something you learn or are born with

but one thing I’m wondering is if you have any resources or know any books/videos on how to be a funnier person and develop that ability.




First off, let me say that just because I DO a lot of things, doesn’t mean I am GOOD at those things. I am, however, open to trying new things and pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone a little bit.

There are times when I have no business being on stage… be it singing or comedy… but I get up there. I do it. I let the passion push me. Comedy is a funny thing, in that there’s no set formula. Everyone’s style has to be their own. And also, not everyone is going to find YOUR particular brand of humour funny. That’s the hardest part to get over, when people don’t like what you’re doing. Set that aside, and worry about yourself. “Do I like my humour? Do I like my music?” If the answer is yes, then don’t worry about others.

As far as resources or materials, there are a ton of online resources (easily found by google search). I’m not much of a reader, so I couldn’t point you at any books, but some of the online resources also cite books. Look those up, I suppose.

I feel like this hasn’t been much help. If so, I’m sorry. If it has, you’re welcome.


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