Stir crazy.

Will this be better?

Every time I try to think, or write, or create… I just … get lost for a while. Does that ever happen to you?

Right now I’m sitting on my bed at almost 4am, with my cat sitting beside me. He’s meowing for my attention. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen pictures of my cat, but he’s pretty awesome. That said, I’m trying to be creative. I can’t let him win my attention or I’ll start petting him and avoid writing.

Oh, seriously cat? Don’t lick yourself right here… I sleep here. Honestly. Though, what you do when I’m not here would probably scare me, too.

My knee is busted. I was playing soccer and hit it pretty hard. I finished the game and all, then even went to work for 7 more hours. Next morning I wake up with one knee, and one mini beach ball. It was so swollen, and I couldn’t bend it at all. Turns out I released some liquid or something that’s keeping my knee from being able to flex without causing me severe pain. Balls, right? Yeah.

Seriously, cat… you’re freakin me out. Stop it.

So, I can’t walk and the doctor at the Dartmouth General emergency (where I spent my WHOLE DAY, Sunday) told me that I have to do physio and that I can’t play hockey or soccer for quite a while. Hate.

Cat’s gone. Probably good. I was going to toss him soon anyway. It was getting a little disturbing.

I’ve been watching crappy TV shows I had downloaded. I’m out now. I have no more and don’t know what to watch now… or even what else to do. I’m trying to learn Python (a scripting language) for something to do.

Hey, did you know that they cancelled Stargate Universe?? That’s a pretty good show, and I thought it could really go places and the story was really coming along. Now there’s only one more episode I haven’t seen and I’m worried it’ll be a super-unsatisfying ending. Like Firefly. To be fair, Firefly got to make the movie “Serenity” to sort of tie up some loose ends. A Stargate Universe movie would be pretty cool, depending on how many questions are left over after this last episode.

You know, I haven’t watched a show on actual cable in a very long time. is pretty awesome for Canadians that want to catch up on their favorite shows. Hulu is american, but that can be bypassed by a little friend I call HotspotSheild. Look it up.

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah… I’m bored, awake, and have no idea how to pass the time. That’s what I was getting to.

I’m going to try sleep. I tried everything else.