Video: Untitled Song

Hey! I got something recorded. Webcam concert style. I hope you enjoy.

If you can think of a good name for it, tweet me @markadamhfx or comment on here.



2 thoughts on “Video: Untitled Song

  1. I’ve got a title for ya…in the refrain…

    ” I Am Over I’m Over You “…

    In my interpretation, your ex said it first – “I’m Over You” – and now that you’ve gone through the 5 stages, you are over “I’m Over You”, i.e. you’re over what she said.

    Whether that’s the way it down, that’s the way I heard it. And grammatically, I’d put it this way:

    “I Am Over ‘I’m Over You’ “, but that’s too many quotations/apostrophes for the casual reader…

    Cheers, Mate! Hope I that helped…

  2. Like the song, love your voice, too. I think Here’s My Goodbye”, would be my submission for a title.

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