Shows, Past & Future

Here’s the breakdown. I had 2 great shows this week! The Wednesday show at the Oasis was awesome! With Toronto musicians Marty Oblak & Dave Russell playing their stuff on an East Coast Tour, plus local folk Alyson Hart and yours truly rocking ours, the small but mighty crowd stayed entertained and excited right to the bitter end.

I even had the pleasure of hosting the Ontarians (if that’s what to call them) at my apartment! I’d like to think everyone had a great time.

Friday night was a whole other can of worms. Played a very fun show at Whiskey’s Lounge in Dartmouth with the super-talented marathon man, Michael Redden. We jammed all night and had a pretty good crowd really loving our stuff. Luckily nothing crazy went down during the night… that is, until the music was done, then some shenanigans did take place. Shenanigans that included some guy’s head and a rather large plate glass window.

Show announcement! Poster:

That’s right! They liked our Friday, September 2, 2011 show so much they booked another show on the spot! I’ll be there again October 7, 2011 to have another great night of fun and music! I’d love it if you could come hang out and have some drinks with me! See you then!