SONG: “Courage Comes” [Movember]

This is for Movember donator Deanie Dubois!



2 thoughts on “SONG: “Courage Comes” [Movember]

  1. I like the song, but the picture of this lady is interesting. She would be what we called in Afghanistan a “kaffard”, a person who never put their big toe outside the base in KAF. How you can tell? Her CADPAT and tac vest are too clean. She had shower that morning, obviously. She has no combat sling for rifle. She has no bracket on her helmet for NVG. She has no IR patch on helmet or shoulder to make sure US planes not bomb her at night. She wear her baionette in the wrong place. If she wear baionette like that and her vehicle hit an IED, the blast would drive it up into her head and kill her. More significant, she not look tired…

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