REVIEW: “The 39 Steps” in The Coast (by Kate Watson)

I’m privileged to be the lead actor in a Dartmouth Players production called “The 39 Steps.” The show was reviewed by Kate Watson of The Coast! Check out what she said:

“Don’t expect to see Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller in the theatrical version ofThe 39 Steps. Instead, it’s a fun, fast farce filled with crazy accents, over-the-top acting and a huge cast of characters (played by only seven actors). Some of the laughs comes from how minimal the set and props are—a car is created from stools, a stove is an actor’s hands behind the curtain. Others come from the how self-aware the comedy is, with scenes being played with a metaphorical nudge and a wink. Mark Adam plays it straight as the earnest hero sucked into a world of intrigue, providing an effective foil for all the zany action. This is light and delightfully silly entertainment perfect for a mid-winter evening, and perfect for an energetic, creative amateur theatre group like Dartmouth Players.”

–Kate Watson

Her original post can be found here.

Thanks, Kate!