Speaks Alone: A Series of Monologues

My friend Emily Jewer (@MJ_979) is putting a show in the Atlantic Fringe Festival. It’s called “Speaks Alone” and is a series of monologues by female characters from a number of different plays.

Speaks Alone

Her reasons behind doing this are explained in one of her posts:

“Speaks Alone” started as a challenge for myself. I wanted something to keep me working, learning, and challenged when I wasn’t either engaged in another show or taking a class. I find that’s something that theatre artists struggle with, especially us young ones, constantly working on and improving their skills. Dancers go to dance class and musicians pick up their instruments on a daily basis. But actors don’t always seem to have the same integration of life and “work”. But why not? Why not learn a monologue a day? Perform a scene a week? And that’s why this project was born. Why not learn 20 monologues?

Already “Speaks Alone” has become a valuable learning experience in the art of the monologue. But as I move forward, the project is constantly evolving and taking on a life of its own. In the end I think you will find it’s a lot about women and their stories. Twenty women who’s stories I have chosen to tell. Some of them you may know and others may be new to you but there will always be someone or something you see in yourself.

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“The twentieth century has to start somewhere and why not now.”

So, being a fan of the theatre and the arts, and seeing as how this is a friend of mine, I’d like to help raise awareness of her show. She needs some help with her funding situation. To that end, she’s created a “Go Fund Me” page, which I highly recommend you go to and donate! Even if you CAN’T donate, please help by sharing her blog & Go Fund Me pages as much as you can!


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