My Life (a brief update)

Just thought I would bring you folks up to date on things. I don’t post like I used to… and I really should. It’s somewhat therapeutic.

I’m still killing it at Oasis. General Manager isn’t a job to sneeze at. No matter what happens in my life, this will be a job I look back at and smile about. It’s stressful and very challenging, but also very fun at the end of the day, and for the most part the people are pretty awesome to work with.

Aside from the official job, I am co-host on a very fun podcast called It’s On, Halifax. It’s actually pretty funny, if I do say so myself. My co-host, Pat King, is a geeky-yet-worldly guy that always has interesting opinions and usually something funny to say. Our sound and video controller, Emily, is a dream to work with. She puts up with Pat’s and my bullshit, and still comes back the next week! What more can you ask for?!

I’m still playing soccer in the MSMSL for Molson FC. Led the league in scoring last year… and picked up a few other trophies. Not bad for a guy who just hit 30 and weighs in at 240lbs, eh?

Music took a significant hit recently. Time just isn’t there. I am (slowly) working on recording an album. Based on my free time, it should be done by about … 2030.

Acting is less stagnant. Doing a play write’s festival at T.A.G. in March, and a web series whenever the writers & director are organized and ready to go. More details on each will be available when I know.

In lieu of playing music myself, I’m doing some promoting work. I’m working on a show under my new promotions company, M.A. Productions, march 15th. It’s called “BEWARE THE IDES” featuring Devils Elbow and friends of the podcast My Living Will, and more. Look for the Facebook event. This will be the first promotion I’ve done where I’m NOT on the bill. Wish me luck! (These bands sell themselves, so I hope that helps, too!)

So there you have it, folks. An update, after all this time! Keep in touch, and remember to follow me on Twitter to keep up to date. I’m pretty active on there.


PS-> My good buddy Lex is also doing very well. He’s twitter famous now. Haha.