Department Of Common Sense in CAPE BRETON

Department of Common Sense, the play written by Ryan Van Horne, has been accepted into the Cape Breton University Boardmore Theatre One-Act Play Festival.

The festival runs from March 20th to the 23rd. I’ve been offered the opportunity to reprise my role in the 3rd iteration of this very hilarious piece of theatre. I’m accepting that offer. Duh.

Get ready, Cape Breton. We are coming.

Here are a few production still from the 2013 Atlantic Fringe Festival Edition of the play:

DCS-production-still-1-med DCS-production-still-2-med DCS-production-still-3-med DCS-production-still-4-med DCS-production-still-5-med DCS-production-still-6-med

One thought on “Department Of Common Sense in CAPE BRETON

  1. Frank Walker, the Minister of Common Sense, is from Cape Breton. I hope all the boys from the Legion will come out and see their favourite Minister. Drinks at the Legion afterward.

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