Tim Cook is gay? So what?

It’s been no secret that Tim Cook is gay. The most powerful CEO in America can’t, however, go chatting about it all the time. A homophobic nation (and world) would eat him alive.

In his acceptance speech for a Lifetime Achievement Award from Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences, he actually talks about his struggles as a gay man. I commend him for his honesty on this. Takes a lot of courage, particularly for a CEO in the US.

An article on Gawker says, and I agree, that “It’s brief, and overdue, but no less poignant. For all of tech’s recent self-interested bellowing about immigration reform, it’s good to see something slightly painful and very real.”

I hope more CEOs and people in positions of power can learn from this and speak out against other injustices and inequalities. Maybe the world will listen more attentively than when it’s said by the bulk of the “average” people.