Snow Wars. HRM Edition.

Some folks are happy with the snow removal on sidewalks.

Some folks are not.

Where do you sit on the subject?

I’m from Dartmouth, so I’m actually used to the sidewalks being clear. It’s been that way since I was a kid. Over here in Halifax, however, the sidewalks are almost never cleared. This is a decision apparently that was made when amalgamation happened. I guess it had something to do with the amount of taxes each region was paying at the time, and stuck that way ever since. Now I’m not sure what people are more angry about, the fact that now they have to pay for this service, Or the fact that it’s being done very poorly.

After the initial snow storm on Sunday, I was walking down the sidewalk on Spring Garden Rd. which had been “cleared”. SGR is arguably the heart of downtown life, and should have been made completely accessible. Instead what happened was a tiny path had been cut out in the middle of the sidewalk, causing a bit of a river effect. The two UNCLEARED sides of the sidewalk held the (still falling) snow in the middle crating a 3″ deep puddle the length of the street.

So, my take on it is that it’s a good service in theory, particularly for those elderly folk who might have to hire a service and pay more than their tax increase to remove it anyway. The issue being that these contracted parties need to do a much better job, if they’re going to do the job at all. I’m really tired of people, especially Government contracted people, doing half a job. Either do it, or don’t.

So there you have it. That’s my opinion. Weigh in below by leaving a comment.