Turkey savant. Cook turkey with pure math.

This guy has too much free time, methinks. Justin Chan wrote this on Facebook.

If your making a turkey, then do it right .
These are the calulations needed for a equilibrium brine.

320mg/112g of sodium in a Norbest basted Turkey.
80mg of Na 112g in a non Basted Norbest Turkey.

Therefore the amount of additional Sodium = 260 mg/112g

NaCl= 58.44 g / mole Na= 22.989 g and Cl = 35.453 g

So Cl/Na * Na 112g or Norbest= the CL of 112g of norbest= 400.964 mg CL/112g

So the Total amount of salt in 112g of Norbest = 660.964mg/112g

or 5.9g NaCl/100g of meat or salt at 5.9%

If I’m trying for 2 % NaCl so its no tooo salty but tastey and juicey

Then if the turkey = 18.3 lbs = 8.30074 kg

say 35 % of bone weight.= 5.395481 kg of meat

If T is turkey weight – Bone weight
& W is water Weight of Secondary brine

(Tx5.9%) +(W*Brine water salinity%)= 1.5% x total weight

water salinity= [2%X (5.395481+12)- (5.395481 x5.9%) ] /12

=0.00246468675 %
Total brine water salinity= 0.029576241
=2.9 grams

Proof (31.8 + 2.9) g salt / total volume of 12 + 5.395481 kg= 1.99999g salt/ 100 g meat

Yeah. I’ll hop right on that, Mr. Chan.