UFC comes to the Halifax Metro Centre!

Today on Sportsnet 360, the UFC announced it’s Canadian schedule for 2014 boasting 5 cards in the Great White North, including an October 4th date in good ol’ Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Needless to say, this is HUGE news for east coast MMA fans. The Halifax Metro Centre has a capacity of 11093, and it WILL be at capacity, without doubt. We’ll also have the very outspoken Dana White in our fair city for a few days. I’m excited.

1509927_10152149736947295_490678481_nThe card has yet to be populated with fighters, but one can only imagine local boy, TJ Grant, will be on it. TJ was on the panel to announce the fight locations which include the Nova Scotian card, one each in BC and Ontario, and two in Quebec.

It should be a VERY good year for MMA in Canada.