Words can hurt. Don’t be a dick.

To the guy that just walked past me and my girlfriend and uttered “you can do better” to her, I’d like to say that you’re a piece of shit.

I didn’t react at first because I thought you were talking to your douche buddy you were walking with. When it finally clicked you’d said it to her, the only reason I didn’t turn around and chase you out the door was because she stopped me.

I know she can do better. She knows she can do better. The state of any relationship is that a woman can do better than any man. That’s how life is. There’s a reason they’re referred to as “the fairer sex” or “the better half”.

You, however, are a massive douchebag to have said something so fucking shitty, particularly with me in earshot.

Whether you did it to try and pick her up or just to impress your pal, it doesn’t matter. You’re a dick. And if I see you again, you’d better hope she’s there to save you from a free dental rearrangement.

2 thoughts on “Words can hurt. Don’t be a dick.

  1. It’s pretty amusing that in a post entitled “Words Can Hurt” you twice use negative gay terminology to mock the guy.

    1. You’re right. Fixed. I wrote it while still fuming.

      When you know something will offend someone specific, sometimes you don’t think about the OTHER people that would offend.

      Good point, ironically named commenter.

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