Mark My Words [S01E01]: Panhandlers in Halifax

Here is episode 1 of my new one-man vidcast series “Mark My Words” in which I discuss something that I love or hate.

The pilot episode discusses panhandlers in Halifax, Nova Scotia. More specifically, those on Spring Garden Road and the surrounding area. If you can’t guess… this one is a “hate”.

Agree or disagree, but let’s talk about it.



[Catch EPISODE 2 recording live April 22 at 5:30pm.]

7 thoughts on “Mark My Words [S01E01]: Panhandlers in Halifax

  1. First off thank you for opening the conversation. I have the perspective of someone who lives down town and I like that you are bringing it up. It is easy to talk about it but as you say something should be done. You say you are happy to be an ambassador and are passionate and I consider myself like minded that way. I hope that enough interest and conversation gets started by this as you intend I look forward to seeing a positive outcome and would be willing to step up as a volunteer should something be organized.

  2. I’m only half way through, but wanted to begin my comment. This will be my second panhandling video in 3 days,I began this thinking, oh ya, F this guy hating the poor, like the last 1 I watched, where they showed no compassion, but quickly my attitude changed. The breakdown was important of posers, addicts and disability. You have a kindness in your voice and show a concern for the problem while not neccisarily condemning the act.. I’m not done watching, but must add- there’s a lot going on around you?? Dishes, cats, doors,,why don’t you cough again? lol. Also, you don’t appear scripted which shows, (for lack of a better word) a genuine quality about you.

    1. I’m hoping this can be a conversation style thing. People will be able to join the hangout and add their opinions and thoughts to really flesh out a subject.

      I greatly appreciate your feedback.

      And yes… My cat is trying to steal my attention the whole time… Haha.

  3. For reasons of a series of unfortunate events, I have been unemployed for 3 years. That being said, I have had 0 income for 3 years. I am fortunate to be fed, and sheltered and wish these simple things for everyone. My most recent experiences involving this subject occurred at the Dartmouth bus terminal and Alderney landing. Without $ I don’t get out much, so I wouldn’t have the chance to see “the regulars”. During my walk, a young boy, teenaged, asks me for change for the bus to get home. Well, I would never want this to happen to me, stuck away from home! I had no change, but, I did have 3 bus tickets and immediately gave him 1. On my return journey, I received the same story from the same boy. “I gave you a bus ticket” I say. “Oh, um, I lost it” he replied. Ugh, I got taken. I would surely give my last dollar to someone in need, but jeez, this makes you think twice over who you are helping, or what you are helping for. … Your notification “Ding” is the same as mine and I keep looking for who’s talking to me.

    1. It’s tough sometimes, because it’s so hard to identify who’s in need of help, who isn’t able to be helped, and who is just plain helping themselves.

      I don’t give to panhandlers, ever, because more often than not it’s ADDING to the problem as opposed to helping solve it.

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