Google Tech Support Fail

I’m all in with google.

I use the Google Pixel phone, I use Google Chrome as my default browser on my Macbook, I also use keep for note-taking, and I generally default to Google for everything. The synchronicity and simplicity of using all Google products allow me to more easily create the coveted “Apple-like” seamless sync of all devices.

So, imagine how sad I was to have a terrible customer service experience linked to Google.

I’m having some backup issues regarding my Pixel’s free unlimited photo and video storage. It’s hindering my podcast editing. To try and solve this, I got in touch using my Pixel’s built-in support feature. It proved much more frustrating than I anticipated. It certainly proved to be much less helpful than I’d hoped.

Here is the unedited conversation. I had to do it via screenshots, as there was no chat log offered at the end of my conversation, despite the fact that the tech support employee said there would be.

As you see, I get a little impatient. But keep your eye on the time stamps. This guy was trying to run me through basic troubleshooting on a loop.

Come on.

Was I wrong to get a little ornery? What do you think?