My little mini-podcast

SHOW CARDSo I do the “Did You See That?” podcast, which is a sports podcast you can listen to a bunch of places, but you can also join our Facebook Group and be part of the conversation! The group is more of a sports community we’re hoping to build.

CTwMA LogoI also do the Car Thoughts podcast which is a solo project that is essentially me working shit out in my head. It’s also available in a slew of podcast-listening places in audio form, but is actually a video-centric project. If you like watching or listening to it, that’s a bonus for me, but it’s just a mental health outlet for me.

Markadam (1)Lesser known is my “Mark Adam Rambles On” podcast, which is a 4-10 minute episode format, released quasi-daily. It’s essentially me sharing micro-updates on thoughts and my take on some things in short, easy to digest ways. Similar to Car Thoughts in that it’s more for me than anything, I’m putting it out there on the off chance anyone wants to listen.