Music + Mark Adam

20160912_211117I’m getting back into performing, slowly but surely. My guitar has sat, lonely, for too long. I have neglected what was a huge part of my life since moving to Winnipeg. It’s time to get back to the string-box once more.

I’ve been playing daily to build my calluses back up, and they’re coming along nicely. Now, if only I could remember all the songs & lyrics I used to know! Four years is a long time to go without playing almost at all, eh?

So to ease my way back in, I’ve taken on hosting some karaoke gigs (casually at the moment, so there are no steady nights for me as of yet).

karaoke-at-4thLineI’ll be at 4th Line Pub & Grill tonight (July 26th, 2018) and you should come out! I’d love to see you!