A Mental Health Minute

Mental health is a serious concern for people. It has, in my experience, affected changes in physical health. A lot of people post on Facebook or Twitter in support of mental health, and that’s a great step forward, but I feel that the reality is that it is still perceived as a weakness.

People fighting with mental health issues often don’t know who to talk to, and fear that they will be exposed for bringing it up. There is a huge amount of trust required to become that vulnerable with another human being.

I also think most people will be shocked find out certain people are struggling with this. It’s super cliche, but sometimes those you least suspect are struggling are actually barely holding it together.

It’s okay not to be okay. I also think that it’s okay not to talk about it if you don’t feel comfortable or safe doing so. I would love for everyone struggling to have a safe place to talk through their problems, and I would love for talking through problems to be something that works for everyone, but I think we all know that everyone is different. Expecting someone to talk just because you think they should is unrealistic, and expecting talking to solve all the problems is just ludicrous.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you know someone who is struggling, you can (and should) absolutely be there for them if they reach out, but you don’t necessarily need to push them to talk. Sometimes it’s enough that you continue to just let them be themselves. Sometimes that person might want a place where they DON’T have to talk or think about it.

I don’t know. Just a thought.