A little bit of colour.

I am a single dad to a four-year-old girl. Any dads with daughters will tell you it’s hard to avoid some of the activities we guys aren’t familiar with.

I’m not a “boys are blue and girls are pink” type of father. My daughter loves the Ninja Turtles as much as she loves My Little Pony. That said, before my daughter was in my life, I put hair into exactly ZERO ponytails, I had never successfully used a hair clip, and I had applied nail polish exactly ZERO times.

So far as a father my ponytail game is getting pretty solid, hair clips are a breeze, but I’ll admit my nail polish skills need work.

The other day I got my lovely little girl a hair colour chalk set. She loves it. I still need work, but she’s pretty happy with how the first attempt went!

Something else she liked was that when she took her bath that night, all the colours poured out into the water and made the bubble bath way more fun.

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