Chef Amelia

Amelia and I attended a soup party last weekend, where the attendees all made various soups and brought them to share. It was a souper fun time. Pun very, VERY intended. (There was a prize for the best soup-related pun.)

So today, after a long day of driving around running errands and walking to the grocery store, during which we had a lot of fun … 

… we returned home a little chilly. Amelia tells me that she wants soup, “like the one you made at Brett’s house, Papa.” I tell her I made a ‘hot and spicy smoked tomato’ soup. Being the 4-year-old that she is, all she hears is “tomato” and wants to make that. As in, RIGHT NOW. 

She starts making it and asks me, “Papa, do you have a chef hat? I’m like a real chef now.”

I do, for whatever reason, own a Winnipeg Jets chef hat, apron, and oven mitts. Naturally, I put the apron and chef hat on her. She’s immediately all about it, and makes a beautiful pot of Campbell’s canned tomato soup.

She’s just the best. Guys, I can’t get over it. FOUR. YEARS. OLD. She’s too smart for me. Send help.