After 24 hours with Google Stadia Pro

So here is my Google Stadia first impression:

Controllers are key, and it’s a bummer you can’t yet use the Xbox One or PS4 controllers with the Chromecast option of playing. You CAN use those for playing on your phone/tablet/computer, but the Chromecast Ultra allows up to 4K and you can’t use it unless you buy the 169$CAD Premiere Edition or an 89$ standalone controller. Console controllers cost 20$ less.

Also, I was playing Grid. That is a racing game that SUCKS. The controls are RIDICULOUSLY sensitive and even on easy, the smallest error costs you instantly. There’s no “tutorial” or learning levels, they just thrust you into the game when it loads and they expect you to know what the hell is going on. There’s only one classic racing game on Stadia, and it’s almost unplayable…

That said, Destiny 2 is pretty sweet and the Stadia gameplay is SMOOTH… Almost zero lag at all and the button & control response is wonderful. Graphics look STUNNING.

Being able to play it on my computer, my TV, my laptop, and even on my Pixel 3 XL is pretty f***ing awesome, really. Load times are stupid fast and basically only take as long as the animation takes to move. Very slick tech behind this service. Probably the most impressive thing about the service is the quality of gameplay.

The stadia library needs to expand quickly if they expect people to pay monthly memberships. Only 9 titles are available to play free with the subscription price. That’s pretty weak, considering the juggernauts they face in competition have cheaper monthly prices and an overwhelming amount of playable content. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, for instance, charges 17.99$CAD per 3 months. So, essentially 6$CAD per month to access the gigantic library of games that can be played for free, where Stadia charges 11.99$CAD per month for their 9 titles.

Such potential, poorly executed. At this rate, I’ll be cancelling my subscription before the next payment comes out for sure. SUCH POTENTIAL, I SAY!

Now, back to the list to find out if any of the other 7 options are worth 12$/month…