Looking for drama: Save the Fringe

So, my friends, the Fringe festival hosted in Halifax every year since 1991 is being ‘postponed’ for two years. This, I say, is a HUGE mistake that will set community theater back significantly. I know some community theater groups that ONLY do shows in the Fringe. This is their time to participate and it’s being taken away.

We can not stand for this. We must act. This is a call to arms, so to speak. There are a couple ways to deal with this sort of thing.

1) Go to the festival board with a ton of signatures, forcing them to reconsider.
2) Form a new, independant theatre festival, and going forward boycott the Fringe.
3) Find and beat up this Pinto guy.

Now, I think we can all (or at least mostly) say that option 3 is not viable. Legal issues and all. (Plus I’m kind of excited about the Titanic 100 celebration.)

That said, if this one guy can’t run both, then why can’t someone else do it? What makes him so unique that if he’s not available, then we should just call the whole thing off? It makes no sense. There are many talented and capable people in Halifax. That’s why there’s a festival in the first place!

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[EDIT: There will be a meeting to discuss saving the Fringe! You can attend! CLICK HERE.]