Filming done… bring on the music!

With the shooting of the short film Centre Circle almost done (a few loose ends need wrapping up), I’m glad to have the Open Mic @ The Oasis event to fall into. Last week’s failed launch aside, I think the Open Mic will be a great thing for myself, for the Oasis, and for the students of DAL and SMU who may be looking for places to showcase their talent.

Want to perform, yourself? It’s every Tuesday at 9pm. Oh, and they’ve just launched 5$ appetizers on Tuesday nights. Any app on the menu (except the team platters) is only 5$ plus tax. Need more incentive? How about 10$ pitchers? Tons of reasons to stop by on Tuesdays.

Now that I’m done plugging the bar and my Open Mic show, I’m going to go have a nap. I’m sick and tired. Actually sick, and really quite tired. So if you don’t mind… my cat is saving my seat on the couch. Yeah, we nap together.



It’s dark in here!

I’m sitting on my couch writing this on my iPhone. The power went out after I heard a couple explosions down the street. Presumably transformers popping. I gather from the radio broadcasts that anyone without power will not be getting it back until Monday.

I do not think either of the Halifax bridges are open, but I’m going to try to get to work today. Unfortunately I have to rely on Metro Transit, so we’ll see how that goes.

Oh, and my smoke detector keeps making a noise like a person with a whistly nose… You know the sound I mean. Should I be concerned? Should I unplug it?

Bah… This is annoying.


Burning the scorched wick…

Hey all,

I’ve decided that “burning the candle at both ends” doesn’t quite describe my current situation. The candle is long since spent. The only thing left is the little black piece of thread that once held the wax together. That is all that remains burning.

I worked a gruelling 13 hour day yesterday that ended at 4am. I got home at 5am. I have to be on set for CENTRE CIRCLE at 8am, which means catching a bus at 7am, which means that since it’s now 630am, I’m almost running late. I calculate that before I sleep, I’ll have been up 39 hours straight! Sweet, eh?

Today we shoot at the courthouse. This should be fun. After the courthouse, we’re going to Shearwater to shoot the outdoor arena scene. After that, I’m going back to work at the Oasis where I will have the privilege of closing all over again. Don’t worry, Halifax… I’m not complaining. If I didn’t love making movies and working at the Oasis, I’d just cut one. This is not a complaint. Just an update.

As previously mentioned, however, I’ve got to go. Busses to catch, movies to make, beers to push onto others.


Good stuff…

Hey all,

I’ve been absent. Well, that is to say my online presence has been. I had a long stretch with no days off due to exams for coworkers. All is well, I’ve had a day off and I feel better. So, back to the grind!

As for music, I’ve been trying to resurrect the Open Mic @ The Oasis event (on a non-Monday) with little success thus far. The timing is off. I apologize to those of you who want to come out and perform, and hope to have good news for you soon! Until then, there are many ways we can still interact and have fun.

First and foremost is through the exceptionally funny Pudding Room event that happens every Wednesday night at the Halifax Feast! Only 5$ per person for a great chunk-o-fun. There are also (often enough) some coupons for 2-for-1 entry available through the Pudding Room Facebook Page.

I’ll let you know about other ways to keep in touch through this blog as they arrise. Just to let you know, I auditioned for a part in a web series and my hopes are high. More details to come on that.